Colortime! is my fine art project: color scripts painted onto custom made wood clocks, using acrylics and gouache (and I guess varnish, and clock parts too if you really want to spell it out).

To get the color script, I take the runtime of a movie and divide it into 60 even intervals. I make a 60 frame grid on canvas paper, and paint one frame per interval, and when complete I have a picture of how the color changes throughout the movie. From there, I take the color script and paint it again on the wood, this time reinterpreted radially in 6 degree increments to make up the 60 minutes in an hour on the clock, or 360 degrees. No computers are used to sample colors or extrapolate shapes. Just a protractor and a very dorky brain.

Prints of the color scripts available in the shop. Want a custom clock? Email me. Thanks for looking!